Finnish Electric Desk Service

We specialise in selling and installing electric desks, electric kitchen mechanisms and ergonomic products.
Our highly professional staff have solid experience in ergonomics, and in associated products and services.
Our services also include constructing electric desks by recycling. We electrify old workstations by dismantling them and replacing their supports with new motorised desk legs. The old workstation supports and other excess components are then taken to the appropriate recycling facilities as required. This is recycling at its best!
We have installed a wide range of workstations, and we can provide designs and installation services as a comprehensive package, customising worktops, motorised desk legs and ergonomic products according to individual requirements. New custom-made Finnish desktops are available in a range of shapes and colours. Our services include motorised desk leg spares and maintenance work, together with dismantling and assembly of furnishings and relocation of old workstations.
Visit our shop to try out and purchase products from our own collection warehouse. Cash and credit card payment accepted, together with normal invoicing. Financing packages available.
Shop opening hours are 08.00–18.00 on Monday-Friday, 12.00–17.00 on Saturday and 12.00–16.00 on Sunday.
Find us at Viisari shopping centre (2nd floor):

“Good working conditions are no accident. We must design them together.”

– Tommi Vihersola


Finnish Electric Desk Service provides turnkey services.
A highly professional staff with many years of experience enable us to supply the very latest products and equipment on the market.
Our services include:
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